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“The Sick Building Syndrome” – Spaces with at risk levels of indoor air quality and pest infestations Atmospherics scientist and health practitioners are in agreement that our services are critical.

Indoor air quality can be as much as 70% worse off than outside air given it gets trapped, circulated in confinement and ultimately builds up over time. Claims made by industry specialists indicate that as much as 50% of illness can be caused from poor indoor air quality. Shocking considering that we spend our days indoors, be it at home or work! People tend to believe they are “safe” from Environmental, Pest and Bio-hazards once indoors. The fact is that building & home owners has very little to no control over external pollution or pests & bio-hazard sources on their own.

 Consider these risk factors.

  • Poor housekeeping.
  • Poorly maintained ventilation system.
  • Dust collected on structural beams.
  • Individuals or conditions introducing Germs and Bacteria.
  • Pests eating away at your valuables or spreading contaminants from sewers and drains.

Who are we?

I.A.Q “Indoor Air Quality Services” has roots as far back as 2007/8. Back then “Rubble Industries” focused on Overhead cleaning for large and influential clients. Today we supplement our services with general & deep cleaning + pest control.



It’s the “little things” such as bacteria, germs, irritants and odours that get us miserable. Our health is affected by these but very few people know that there is a solution. They attribute coughing, clogged nasals, pressing headaches, drowsiness and constant requirements for cleaning to “it is what it is” but in reality there is a solution. IAQ inspects and carries out detail work, we are known for our attention to detail.



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