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attic cleaning:

“Pests make nests” your attic is perfect for many reasons, it is warm and safe, IAQ will remove them and pest proof your roof.

Note that we remove:

Allergens, Bacteria, Fine dust (consisting of many potential hazardous particles), Fire risks due to specific fine dust characteristics potentially causing heat encapsulation of electrical components check out your DUST EXPLOSION PENTAGON. As well as Odors resulting from rodent/bird droppings, mildew, rain/geyser water spillage and often dead rodents due to poison or traps put out and forgotten of.


  • Floor area of the building, roof and ceiling height considered.
  • Site and area specific evaluation is done assessing the following: 
    • Access.
    • Structural limitations.
    • Access (inside) – through multiple Suspended ceiling tiles or localized manway(s) or (outside) – through tiles, corrugation ect…
    • Harness and lighting requirements.
    • Insulation removal – if applicable.Level of and types of contaminants (eg: rodent and bird remains.)
    • Waste containment and disposal.
    • Requirement and Placement of lifeline(s)
    • Positioning of scaffolding or temporary platform adjacent to roof.
    • Safe making and securing of removed tiles or corrugated sheet.
    • Minimal openings are made and closed prior to moving to an adjacent area.
  • The schedule is issued and agreed upon. Whether during day or night to accommodate people in the area.

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