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Duct system cleaning :

(HVAC – heating, ventilation & air conditioning)

We remove allergens, mildew, dust and waste increasing clean airflow and INDOOR AIR QUALITY.  This has been proven simply by observing how often it was required to dust/clean surfaces prior to a service and by comparison the reduced amount of sick days with no more complaints of smells and irritation. We also fit UV systems to improve the overall quality of distributed air.



  • Drawings are requested for assessment to note height, access, volume & area among some specific points …
  • The mechanic of the system is established and working points established.
  • Site and area specific evaluation allows us to assess the following: 
  • Isolation of system.
  • Access restraints – also assessing alternate access and if required system for future access.
  • Ability to unbolt portions to gain access.
  • Structural, space and load bearing limitations.
  • Corrosion or any mechanical damages.
  • Level of contamination
  • Strategy required for refurbishing the system.
  • Fall arrest harness and lighting requirements.
  • Placement of equipment.
  • Bladder size and placement to cordon the system of in manageable sections for optimal cleaning.
  • Once a full survey inspection has been carried out and a checklist completed the extent of the scope is determined.
  • The schedule is issued and agreed upon. Whether during day or night to accommodate people in the area.

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