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smoking area cleaning:

Refurbish areas with nicotine stains, you don’t need to spend thousands simply call us and improve odor and visual qualities. The same approach as for ceiling cleaning applies here except for when we are required to wash fabric.



  • Site and area specific evaluations are done assessing the following: 

Mainly when focusing on restaurant smoking sections the following applies however if it is for smoking shelters, we assess accordingly.

    • Equipment 
    • Furniture
    • Floors with tiles, steps, slopes, or carpets 
    • Lightning, Electrical fittings and equipment. 
    • Windows and glass doors
  • If we need to clean ceilings and walls only we identify what needs to be covered with either plastic masking sheets and/or absorbent slip prevention throw cloths.
  • The amount of resources, consumables and time required is determined.
  • The schedule is issued and agreed upon. Whether during day or night to accommodate people in the area.
  • People in the area may call for temporary evacuation or barricading.

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