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Structural cleaning:

Remove collected dust and waste on open structures, beams, ducts, pipes, fixtures… It either constantly falls onto people and goods below (and) OR gets stuck in high humidity conditions and stinks the place up with poor looks and bad smells.


  • Site and area specific evaluations are done.
  • An assessment to identify risks, incorporate mitigating measures, assess levels of contamination, and means of access is carried out.
  • Reach restraints are anticipated and mitigated with alternative tools.
  • Barricading is considered and planned for if required.
  • Plan to install a lifeline as and if required.
  • For areas requiring rope access a specific set of Adhoc requirements can be set in place.
  •  A fall protection and working at heights plan is compiled + toolbox talks based on the project specific is created.
  • Lower level coverage is identified.
  • The schedule is issued and agreed upon. Whether during day or night to accommodate people and activities in the area.

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